Be welcome at our website! We would like to present to you the new world of GALATEA GALLERY - which has been matured over time. Starting with bath tubs and shower trays - you will find new solutions for ceramics, tiles, faucets and accossoires to design and complete your individual bathroom dream.

Historical Background

Since 1880 Lauchhammer bathtubes are produced, that means 135 years of tradition and history. Producing brand-name products is our daily work and therefore we stand for “Quality from Germany” what corresponds with our duty towards our clients.

We adhere to our place of production in Lauchhammer, and we stand by our material acrylic for sanitary installations, which allows us to produce individual and standard solutions because of its diversity. Follow our timeline and discover the history of GALATEA!


Every single product must meet the requirements of our customers. GALATEA GmbH offers extraordinary solutions to make your bathroom-dreams come true. GALATEA stands for dynamic, openness, complete service, bathroom culture, performance and extraordinary solutions. We achieve this through effective partnership and successful collaboration with our customers. Bathtubs and shower bases made out of sanitary acrylic are provided with excellent heat and sound absorption.

They are easy to clean and much easier to maintain. These significant quality features make it easy for us to offer a guarantee of 5 years for bathtubs and shower bases and a guarantee of 2 years for pool-, light- and sound systems.

Sincerely yours,

Nikolaus Varvaroussis,
Chief Executive Officer GALATEA GmbH
Picture of the whole GALATEA-Crew

Mr. Varvaroussis with his staff